Antti Nykyri is a diverse artist, specialized in interdisciplinary collaborations between several fields of arts, education, research and other areas of society. His professional expertise is grounded in sound, sound design, sound art and music. His artworks and collaborations have taken forms of interactive sound installations, mobile pieces, musical instruments, poetry applications, light and sound works for public space and performative works such as contemporary dance, theatre and circus. The body of Nykyri's artistic work covers 20 years and several dozen pieces.

Nykyri has published peer reviewed research articles and held presentations in context of artistic research. He has contributed to education, developing and lecturing university grade art education for several institutions.

In addition to artistic work, education and research, Nykyri's assignments also include:

  • Investigating how new forms of art can be better recognized and promoted, for Arts Promotion Centre Finland (2017)
  • Working as the Artistic Director (Sound Design) for Institute for Northern Culture project (2010-2011)
  • Investigating the outlooks and expectations concerning technologies in Theatre Academy Finland, for the board of Theatre Academy (2010)
  • Collaborating with rehabilitative care professionals at Helsinki Deaconess Institute in joint projects (2018-2019), developing interactive installation and sound art works for their clients
  • Working as a freelance journalist for several Yle – the Finnish Broadcasting Company stations
  • Working as a mentor for Samsung Creative kids membership program at The Republic of Korea (2014)
  • Acoustical consulting and university grade lecturing on project studio room acoustics jointly with Kentala Music Inc / Harri Kentala
  • Consulting municipal organizations, companies, associations and theatres on acoustics, audio systems and basics of system tuning
  • Designing and building custom audio systems for smaller and mid-sized (400 seats) performances
  • Acoustic measuring and sound system tuning
  • Live-mixing for mid-sized (400 seat) stage productions and streaming events
  • Editorial work for audiobooks